SurveySDM – Customer Satisfaction Survey

Shoppers Drug Mart Corporation, the largest retail pharmacy chain in Canada, knows how to pamper its customers with the right mix of affordable products and efficient services. As a regular customer, you have the opportunity to provide the Toronto, Ontario-based company with your opinions, suggestions and comments via its surveysdm customer feedback program.

Formally known as the Shoppers Drug Mart Customer Care Survey, it consists of an online questionnaire designed to collect information about customers’ satisfaction level in its products and services. When you have completed it, you will have the opportunity of winning one of fifty gift cards with a $1,000 value.

Requirements for Entering

You don’t have to worry about complicated requirements to get a chance at winning the $1,000 sweepstakes prize. You just need two things, namely:

• A personal computer or a mobile device with Internet access since the survey form is in the website
• A valid official receipt from your latest purchase at any Shopper Drug Mart outlet

Your time will also be required obviously but the questionnaire itself takes just 5-10 minutes to complete, depending on your typing and clicking speed. You don’t even have to hurry in answering it especially when you want to provide the company with honest answers about your satisfaction level. Your answers, after all, will be used in the improvement of its products and services.

Steps for Entering

You are one step closer to winning a $1,000 gift card when you follow these easy-to-follow steps in participating in the customer feedback program.

• Log in to the dedicated website at www.surveysdm.comWWW.SURVEYSDM.COM
• Select the language you want to take the survey in (i.e., French or English since Canada adopts both as their national languages)
• Enter the 15-digit certificate number printed on your official receipt (i.e., check that you entered it correctly as you cannot proceed with the next step otherwise)
• Click on the “Launch” button to enter the questionnaire page
• Answer the questions as honestly as possible, which should be easy since these are based on your personal shopping experience as well as your satisfaction with its products and services
• Log out of the website

You can then wait for the notification email or phone call in case you win one of the fifty gift cards up for grabs. You should continue shopping at Shoppers Drug Mart for more chances at winning the prize. You just never know when you will be part of the winners’ circle soon.